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Large lumen & many air holes offer free exchange of expired air and rescue breaths compact, lightweight with different size for convenient.

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Reliable Sterilization Partner ─ Sturdy
From the establishment in 1992, Sturdy has been dedicated to bring our clients the most advanced products.Sturdy is a member of Apex group. With the mission to be your reliable sterilization partner, Sturdy isn’t only committed to the development of progressive technology, but also possesses all the requisite certifications. ISO 13485, CE certificates and Taiwan GMP are for quality management control approval and guarantee the safety of our products.

Always aiming for greater achievement to next era, we hope our spirit can be transmitted to the users and thus, to have a connection with all our users. With our new logo, they represent stable and warm, symbolize full of energy and provide reliable sterilization environment. The design style is simplicity and easy-read, which is to show professional in medical field. The new slogan ”Reliable Sterilization Partner” represents Sturdy being your good partner for high quality goods and to meet Safety Standard, meanwhile the distributors provide users with reliable products.

With the vast experience and dedication, Sturdy is your best choice of high quality and innovative equipments.


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